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Welcome to Efficient Tourism. We are dedicated to providing hassle-free visa processing services for individuals and families planning to visit Dubai. Our team of experienced professionals ensures a smooth and efficient visa application process, making your travel experience to Dubai a memorable one. Contact us today to start your visa application process.

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30 Days Dubai Visa

30 Days Dubai Visa

3-4 Business Days
Dubai Visa for Moroccan Citizens
Original price was: د.إ450.00.د.إ389.00Current price is: د.إ389.00.
Dubai Visa for Nepalese Citizens
Original price was: د.إ650.00.د.إ350.00Current price is: د.إ350.00.
Dubai Visa from Thailand
Original price was: د.إ600.00.د.إ490.00Current price is: د.إ490.00.

Oman Visa from Dubai

3-5 Business Days

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How to apply?

The non-GCC tourists must get a Dubai visa without which, they can’t fly to Dubai. EFFICIENT TOURISM is here to make the visa application process easy. Tourists will get the visa in no time, which makes the other traveling procedures easy. Tourists who have a previous travel record and zero criminal records in the past five years can apply for a Dubai visa. Furthermore, if you are someone who wants to travel to Dubai for employment, business, or to attend an invitation of any family member, you will get a Dubai visa. However, the family member should have citizenship of the Emirates.

Anyone who wants to apply for a Dubai visa must follow these simple steps.

  • Fill up the online visa application form. Provide the necessary details like name, nationality, contact address, travel date, etc.
  • Upload the scanned digital copies of the documents required for visa processing.
  • Follow the secure payment gateway link and pay the processing fee.

Another way to reach us is via email or call us. No matter what your requirement or query is, our team will take care of everything. The best part about us is we accept almost every payment option, which makes the entire procedure easy. After the application is submitted, the expert panel will review everything. If our team feels any changes are required, they will contact the applicant. Besides, other details are also required when applying for the Dubai visa- airline ticket details, hotel booking details, guarantor’s documents, etc. If everything goes right, the application will be processed, and you will get your visa on time.


Is it compulsory to get a Dubai visa to enter the Emirates?

A Dubai visa is mandatory for non-Emirati citizens to travel to Dubai. However, the GCC nationals (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman) won’t need a visa to fly to Dubai

Do kids need separate visas to enter the Emirates?

Kids and infants with non-UAE citizen guardians must separately apply for a Dubai visa to enter the Emirates.

Which country citizens can get a Dubai visa on arrival?

Citizens traveling from European, North American, and Far East countries can apply for a Dubai visa on arrival. These countries include Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Iceland, Hong Kong, Japan, Portugal, the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA. For any further queries on the visa on arrival, you can call the local embassy or airline service to get information on the updated visa policies.

How can I apply for a Dubai visa from other countries?

The online application process is the best way to apply for a Dubai visa. Moreover, your friend or relative staying in the Emirates can also apply for a Dubai visa on your behalf.

What are the different types of visas I can apply for when flying to Dubai?

Your stay duration in Dubai will determine the type of visa. Different types of visas include tourist visas, visit visas, and transit visas.

What are the benefits I can get with EFFICIENT TOURISM?

Choosing EFFICIENT TOURISM means you can avoid the hassle of a local sponsor in the UAE. Besides, we believe in minimum documentation and instant processing, which means you will receive your visa within three to four days. Moreover, we don’t ask for an advance cash deposit.

What are the vital documents required for the e-visa?

We need one passport-size colored photograph and a scanned digital copy of your passport having at least six months of validity.