Qasr Al Watan Tickets Abu Dhabi

Al Ras Al Akhdar

Qasr Al Watan is one of the must-see attractions of Abu Dhabi. It is a working Presidential palace that boasts of the culture and the remarkable history of the UAE.

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Tour Highlights


Palace in Motion

Palace in Motion

Palace in Motion: Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi" is a dynamic fusion of tradition and modernity, offering visitors an immersive experience. This architectural masterpiece within the United Arab Emirates' capital, Abu Dhabi, stands as a symbol of the nation's commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing innovation.


Presidential Banquet

Presidential Banquet

The Presidential Banquet at Qasr Al Watan, Abu Dhabi, is a lavish and prestigious event held within the opulent palace. Dignitaries, diplomats, and leaders gather to partake in exquisite cuisine, engage in diplomatic discussions, and experience the grandeur of Emirati culture in a setting of unparalleled architectural beauty.


The Great Hall

The Great Hall:

The Great Hall at Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi is a magnificent, opulent space, epitomizing architectural and cultural grandeur. This architectural masterpiece welcomes visitors into the heart of the palace and offers a truly immersive experience, showcasing the United Arab Emirates' rich heritage and tradition of hospitality.


Spirit of Collaboration

Spirit of Collaboration

Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi exemplifies the spirit of collaboration, uniting tradition and innovation. A cultural icon, it bridges the past and present through its stunning architecture and valuable library, fostering a shared appreciation for the UAE's heritage and its place in the modern world.


Library of Qasr Al Watan

Library of Qasr Al Watan

The Library of Qasr Al Watan, situated within the majestic Qasr Al Watan palace in Abu Dhabi, is a remarkable institution dedicated to preserving, showcasing, and celebrating the cultural and historical heritage of the United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Peninsula.

Tour Timing & Location
Tour Timing 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM
Pick Up 09:00 PM to 09:30 PM
Pick From Your Hotel or Residence in Dubai
Drop Off 05:30 PM to 06:00 PM

Activities Qasr Al Watan Tickets Abu Dhabi Offers

  • Make your tour inside the palace memorable by exploring different zones and gaining insight into the tradition and rulers of the UAE.
  • House of Knowledge: The Qasr Al Watan Abu Dhabi tickets will let you explore various architectural marvels emphasizing on how the Arabian scholarship has impacted the advancement of mankind.
  • Library of Qasr Al Watan: The Qasr Al Watan’s in-house library speaks about Arabian culture and knowledge through almost 50, 000 books stored there.
  • Al Barza: Al Barza, popularly known as the Majilis, is the second largest room of the palace. Decorated with a golden finish and impressive chandeliers, this hall mainly serves the purpose of council and gathering.
  • The Great Hall: Discover the rich legacy of the artistry and architecture of the country as you enter the hall. The huge wall adorned by geometric patterns, the projecting windows, and the massive decorated dome, all will make you admire its majestic structure.
  • Palace in Motion: Witness the incredible light and sound show and unfold the journey of the UAE.
  • The Presidential Gifts: In this section, a series of diplomatic gifts have been showcased representing the relationship between the UAE and the world.
  • Presidential Banquet: Dignitaries from across the world come to this immaculately set banqueting hall to get a taste of Arabian hospitality.
  • Spirit of Collaboration: Walk into the official meeting place of the Federal Supreme Council and the UAE cabinet. A chandelier containing 350,000 crystals in this room is adding to the opulence.


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Key Highlights of the Tour

  • Stay mesmerized with the intricate patterns on the huge 37 meters diameter dome at The Great Hall
  • See the installation of the ‘Power of Words’, a gold insta-friendly structure kept in The Great Hall.
  • Read to your heart’s content in the Library featuring 50, 000 books on various subjects of the UAE such as its literature and science.
  • Have a look at the diplomatic goods such as swords, daggers, and vases. These goods represent the UAE’s good relations with other nations.
  • See some of the rarest manuscripts and books in The House of Knowledge.
  • Soak yourself in the greenery while strolling through the landscaped gardens.
  • In the evening, watch the laser light and sound show where the palace will come alive.

Show Timings

The show runs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for 30 minutes from 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. However, the conditions may affect the show timings.


Qasr Al Watan is located adjacent to the Emirates Palace at Al Ras Al Akhdar, Abu Dhabi.

How to reach Qasr Al Watan?

You can either use private or public transportation mode to reach the destination. Qasr Al Watan is situated at the distance of only 10km from the Abu Dhabi city centre.

From Abu Dhabi: Get on the Line 034 bus to reach Qasr Al Watan from Abu Dhabi. However, if you prefer to book a cab, take the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Highway route.

From Dubai: Take E11 and Al Shahama – Abu Dhabi Rd/Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan St/E10 to reach the destination from Dubai city centre via car.

Documents Required to Enter Qasr Al Watan, Abu Dhabi

  • A valid ID issued by the government of your country.
  • Tickets

Additional Information

  • Turn on the silent mode of your mobile phone before you enter.
  • Make sure to reach the palace half an hour before the scheduled time of the show.
  • Access their valet parking facility which remains open every day.
  • You’re not allowed to carry outside food and beverages inside the palace.
  • The palace is not pet-friendly.
  • Both men and women can enter the prayer room.
  • Heavy luggage isn’t allowed inside.
  • Once you leave the place, you cannot re-enter.
  • Photos taken cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Kindly Note: No refund is applicable on ticket cancelation.

Google Map Address

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A still functional royal palace, what you find most striking at the Qasr Al Watan is its stunning architecture. The garden adjacent to the palace is no less beautiful and the patch of green within the Qasr Al Watan is a fine place to take some lovely pics. Stimulate your grey cells at the large library that’s home to numerous books on archaeology, history and more. A visit to Qasr AlWatan also gives you an insight into how the UAE is governed.

No, the Palace in Motion Show is held only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at around 7:00 pm. The timing of the show is subject to change depending on when the sun sets.

Yes, the Qasr Al Watan authorities allow photography as long as it’s not for any commercial purpose. You can even use a DSLR, not just your mobile. That said, make sure that you avoid taking snaps at places where you aren’t allowed to and also avoid taking pics of the security personnel and the security systems.

The Qasr Al Watan has an eatery at its entrance called the Legma where you can consume tasty food and drinks. Please note, food consumption is allowed only at the restaurant and the garden. It’s strictly prohibited at the great hall and the exhibition rooms.

There are 9 zones for you to explore at the Qasr Al Watan. They are,  House of Knowledge that teaches visitors about humanity through religious preaching  The Great Hall with its majestic dome that’s adorned with intricate carvings and paintings  The Qasr Al Watan Library is an abode of knowledge with its large collection of manuscripts and books  The Presidential Gifts section which displays gifts received by the rulers of the UAE from different parts of the world. They tell visitors about the links the UAE has with various nations  The Spirit of Collaboration section that stands testimony to the bonhomie between the 7 emirates. This is where the UAE cabinet and the Federal Supreme Council meet

Since it’s the palace of the UAE’s royal family, you are advised to visit the Qasr Al Watan in very sober attire. Make sure that you have covered your knees and shoulders.

No, visitors are strictly prohibited from bringing their pets to the Qasr Al Watan.