Overnight Desert Safari Dubai


The If you’re an adventure seeker, the Overnight Desert Safari Dubai is just the thing for you! This out-of-the-world safari combines adventure, rustic entertainment, and the thrill of camping beneath starlit skies to bring you a truly unforgettable experience.

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Heena Design


Amidst the vast sand dunes of the Dubai desert, henna designs acquire a distinctive charm. Talented artisans create intricate henna patterns on your skin, enhancing your desert adventure with their exquisite artistry. This lasting form of expression lets you take with you a piece of the beauty of the Dubai Desert, a lasting souvenir from your trip.


Sand Boarding


Sandboarding in the Arabian desert offers thrilling adventures for all ages. You don't need any specific talents to glide along gentle sand dunes. Our guides provide boards and instruction, ensuring safety and fun. Create unforgettable memories with friends and family in this unique desert experience.


Belly Dance


During the Belly Dance show, as the performance unfolds, around 20 to 30 minutes in, you might find the dancer occasionally inviting the audience to join her on stage. It adds an interactive and engaging element to the show, allowing the crowd to become part of the mesmerizing spectacle.


Fire Show


The Fire Show is an amazing performance that brings excitement during the tour. In this show, talented performers expertly handle and dance with fire, showing dazzling displays of flames that gracefully move and spin in the dark.


Lavish Camp


Discover a gorgeous desert camp in Dubai, where luxury meets the vastness of the desert landscape. With lavish décor, delicious food and a starry sky at night, it is a picturesque oasis amidst the dunes. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Dubai's desert in style and comfort.


Pickup And Drop

Professional driver offering pickup and drop service

This tour inlcudes pickup and drop services from Dubai. Our skilled driver and knowledgeable guide are here to serve you and make sure your journey goes smoothly. They know a lot about Abu Dhabi and can make your experience even better. You can trust that your city tour is in capable hands, so you can enjoy your adventure without any worries.


Live BBQ Dinner

BBQ Dinner Dubai

For a unique dining experience alongside a thrilling desert safari in Dubai, don't miss out on the opportunity to savor a Live BBQ Dinner buffet. This culinary adventure caters to every palate and preference, making it the perfect complement to your desert safari experience.

Tour Timing & Location
Duration 18-Hour Approx.
Pick Up 02:30 PM to 03:00 PM
Pick From Your Hotel or Residence in Dubai
Drop Off 08:00 AM to 08:30 AM

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Camel Rides


Set out on an unforgettable journey into Dubai's desert aboard a camel. Allow these gentle creatures to lead you through the rolling sands, providing a distinct perspective of the barren landscape. It's a serene and timeless encounter, fostering a connection with the ancient soul of the desert.


Sand Boarding


Sandboarding in the Arabian Desert offers thrilling adventures suitable for individuals of all ages and skill levels. It doesn't take any special talent to glide gracefully over the gentle sand dunes. Our experienced guides provide board and instruction, ensuring that your safety and enjoyment are paramount throughout the entire experience. Create lasting memories with your loved ones during this extraordinary desert excursion.




If you want to make your desert trip extra special and memorable, consider hiring a photographer for a premium desert safari. They'll travel with you and take beautiful pictures of you and the desert scenery.


Quad Biking


Experience the adrenaline rush of quad biking in the mesmerizing Dubai desert. Stroll across the golden sands, explore the thrilling dunes, and enjoy the breathtaking views. It's an exciting adventure that adds an unforgettable dimension to your desert getaway.


Dune Bashing


Experience the heart-pounding excitement of crashing into the dunes of Dubai's desert as you conquer towering sand dunes in an off-road adventure. It is an adrenaline-fueled journey through mesmerizing desert landscapes.


Shisha Smoking


Enjoy the exotic experience of shisha in the serene Dubai desert, where aromatic herbs create fragrant clouds. Lounge under the starry desert sky and enjoy delicacies prepared by skilled sommeliers. It's a relaxing and atmospheric way to relax and soak in the serene beauty of the desert.

Inclusions of Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

  • Hotel pick-up
  • Dune bashing in the desert in a 4×4 vehicle
  • Photo op in traditional Emirati attire
  • Riding a camel
  • Taking snaps of the sunset
  • Henna painting
  • Quad biking on request
  • A sumptuous BBQ dinner spread with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
  • Shisha smoking at the Shisha corner
  • Belly dance and Tanura performance
  • Alcohol is available at an extra charge
  • Tents and sleeping bags
  • Arrangements for overnight tea/coffee
  • A vast breakfast spread with tea and coffee
  • Hotel drop


Inside The Camp buffet-dinner

In the middle of the desert, amidst golden dunes, lies the Sanctuary, a welcoming Bedouin camp of rest and peace. Here, after the exciting adventure of visiting the dunes, you can rest and refresh, enjoying an endless supply of tea, coffee, and sweet, juicy dates. This oasis offers respite like no other, inviting you to taste the simple joys and eternal traditions of the desert.

First Aid first-aid

Our certified first aid kit is available, fully prepared to deal with common problems such as cuts, burns, and dehydration. Your safety during the Abu Dhabi tour is our top concern, which is why we offer these crucial first aid services as part of your package.

Clean Car Clean car

Our vehicles are regularly maintained and kept very clean for your pleasure. We're proud to offer you a spotless and well-kept ride. Your comfort and satisfaction are what matter most to us.

Wash Room washroom

Our guest won't have to worry about it as the restroom facilities will be providing in case required. We take pride in ensuring a pleasant experience, even in this aspect. Your comfort is important to us.

Important Points to Note

  • We advise pregnant women and those with backache to avoid going for dune bashing.
  • Pick-ups are arranged only from centrally located hotels/accommodations in Dubai and not from the airport.
  • If the guests want to arrange a pick-up from any other area, it can be done at an additional charge.
  • Shared transfers are available from Bur Dubai, Deira, and Sheikh Zayed to Marina.
  • The timings are flexible and can change during the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Depending on the traffic conditions and your location, the pick-up and drop timings can alter by 30 to 60 minutes.
  • There is a discontinuation of entertainment shows and the serving of alcoholic beverages in the holy month of Ramadan.
  • The only shows allowed during the holy month of Ramadan are the Fire Show and the Tanura performance.

The Cancellation Policy

  • There shall be no charges for cancellations made at least 24 hours before the scheduled trip.
  • There shall be a 100% charge if the cancellations are made within 24 hours of the scheduled trip.
  • The refund will take place within 7 working days if you’re eligible.

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Yes, we provide transfer facilities with the Overnight Desert Safari Dubai package. You can book our shared transfer facilities. However, private transfer facilities are available with additional charges.

No, our pickup facilities are available from Dubai hotels and residences (centrally located in the city). Airport pickups are not available.

We welcome tourists from different corners of the world with varied tastes and preferences in food. Therefore, we include a plethora of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options so that everyone can enjoy our exclusive dinner menu during the activity.

No, there is no particular dress code to follow on the Overnight Desert Safari. Participants are free to wear anything. However, kindly choose comfortable and loose-fitted clothes to enjoy the activities without any hassle.

The must-try activities of the Overnight Desert Safari are sandboarding, Shisha smoking, quad biking (on request), camel riding, belly dance performance, and Tanoura dance performance.

Kids are allowed on the activity. However, kids above three years old must make separate bookings to join the activity, whereas kids below three can join the activity for free.

No, we only provide non-alcoholic juices and drinks. However, we can arrange for alcohol at additional charges.