Dhow Cruise in Dubai

If you’re looking for an escape from the mundane and are eager to explore a unique ‘avatar’ of Dubai, a cruise on a dhow, a traditional Arabian boat is the thing for you. These wooden boats that were once used for pearl farming and fishing have been given a modern touch and today, they happen to be no less luxurious and classy than cruise ships.

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A cruise aboard a dhow lets you experience the sights and sounds of Dubai while staying away from the crowd. Soak in magnificent views of Dubai’s gorgeous skyline as the dhow sails gently through the calm waters. There are two amazing cruising locations you can choose from—the Dubai Marina and the Dubai Creek.

A cruise through the Dubai Marina showcases the splendors of modern Dubai and it offers breathtaking views of Dubai’s glittering skyline. When Dubai lights up after sundown, the skyline appears absolutely stunning. The dhow sets sail from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and as it cruises gently through the creek, you get to view the glamour of New Dubai—a spectacular canvas dotted with many architectural marvels.

The Dubai Creek on the other hand brings you traditional Dubai. It cuts through Deira and Bur Dubai, the two being on either side. You’ll love the vibrancy of old Dubai with its buzzing souks. The cruise through Dubai Creek takes you back in time and the old-world charm of traditional Dubai comes as a surprise, much different from the glamour and glitz that Dubai is always associated with.

The icing on the cake is the BBQ spread served on both cruises that lay out mouthwatering cuisine for the guests. Prepared by chefs who are absolute experts in their trade, you are sure to find every dish a bite of culinary excellence. You’ll love every moment of the cruise aboard Dubai’s dhows. Welcome aboard.


Dhow Cruise Dubai FAQs

What activities make the dhow cruises such a popular attraction?

We tell you, the dhow cruises are truly exciting experiences. You shall be received with great warmth with a welcome drink to the accompaniment of soulful music. After the dhow sets sail, you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner when a lavish buffet spread featuring both local and international cuisine is laid out before you. You’ll love the exuberant ambiance, what with vibrant live performances like a Tanoura dance entertaining you on the dhow. You may also walk up to the upper deck to enjoy spectacular views of Dubai’s skyline.

Which are the best dhow cruising options?

You can take your pick from two options that are very popular among tourists—the Dhow Cruise Marina and the Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek. The cruise through the Marina is the more popular one as it showcases modern Dubai with its architectural marvels. Besides, it’s promoted more aggressively by the tour operators. If you are looking to explore Dubai’s traditional ‘avatar,’ we suggest that you opt for the Dhow Cruise through the Dubai Creek which brings you old Dubai marvels.

How am I to reach the boarding location?

You can book transportation on our vehicles. Alternatively, you may arrive in your own vehicle or travel by public transport.

How should I dress appropriately for the dhow cruises?

You are advised not to wear any short clothes that end above your knees. Therefore, short skirts and shorts are not allowed. You aren’t allowed to come in slippers or flip-flops either. It’s desirable that you turn up in formal and smart casuals.

What are the items included in the dinner menu?

The dinner is a three-course meal with starters, the main course, and desserts. Soups, salads, kebabs, dips, and dressings are served as starters. The main course features both local and international cuisine. There are various options for desserts as well.

How am I to do the booking?

You would do your best to book online. After you have done the booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email and SMS. Be on the lookout for discounts and special offers.